Ritz (aritzen) wrote in gintama,

Gintama movie 2 campaign

Do you want to watch the 2nd movie? Do you want to support the Gorilla and Sunrise?

Yorozuya Soul has launched a campaign to bring the 2nd Gintama movie to the west. In case you didn't know, Singapore is playing the 2nd Gintama movie in the theaters (opened today!!). Given Singapore and also Taiwan showings back in August, let Sentai Filmworks know your interest in the 2nd Gintama movie so that we might have an American release! If that happens, we can all directly support Sorachi and Sunrise. As someone who has seen the movie in Japan, I can tell you that this is a movie that you must watch in the best possible quality, and official release is the way to go. The campaign page gives you a good idea of what you can do to help, so please spread the word, and keep everyone posted with what you've done. Every little bit helps. Thank you for those of you who have already helped!

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