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General community for the Shounen Jump series
Welcome to Edo, the samurai capital, now a city changed by the arrival of the Amanto aliens. The samurai may be a dying class, but Gintoki Sakata is one warrior that refuses to fade away, cutting a swath of mayhem through Edo!

This is a general community for the Shounen Jump series "Gintama", created by Sorachi Hideaki.

We don't have strict rules and we like our community laid back, but we still expect you to follow the same rules that apply to any online community.

And more specifically, this is our guideline:

1. Spoilers must be under LJ-cut. If you don't know how to do LJ-cut - don't post.
2. Fanfics, fanarts, screencaps and any long posts (eg. lyrics) must be under LJ-cut.
3. All posts with mature content must be friend-locked, due to LJ's policy. (please add warnings accordingly)
4. Be nice to the other members.
5. RP and other Gintama communities are allowed to be promoted once. (OT is not allowed - goes without saying ne?)
6. Regarding posts about doujinshi sharing in other comms: If the community is members only this is considered an OT community advertize and hence NOT allowed. If the community is not members only, you should link to the specific Gintama post you're advertizing.
7. Same goes for your sales advertizing - if you're not linking to the Gintama stuff you sell, it's OT.
8. Requests are allowed, but please check the tags first (especially the request tag) and see if it's not already been requested and fulfilled.
9. Have fun!!! Don't eat too much mayo, it's fat!

That is all.

Other Specific Gintama LJ Communities:
gintama_yaoi - exactly as the name implies.
gintama_doujin - ^^^^ what it says.
gintama_route18 - doujinshi scanlation group.
ginzura - ginzura ja nai, Gin/Katsura da.
ginshin - Gin/Shinpachi